The dream is on the royal road

To somewhere, theatrics captured

In match boxes, idle gestures, plastic

People gesticulating like fans, showing

Me the way as I rock down some off-

Broadway, marked-up song sheet

When right on schedule out pops

Randy Rainbow dressed in a red striped

Kite and already in full motion, commanding

The Beacon Theatre stage, sunglasses

Bright as lighthouse beacons holding

The town at mock attention while

His long arms enter the semaphore

Parade and I am completely at sea

Again, seeing all the colors of the rainbow

Watching magic hands spell out

The Beatles’ HELP! with arms

And flags around a compass crawl

Waking me from this slumber party

And singing “Please, please help me”

With joy and limbs in a nautical plane

Knowing the gift had already been bestowed.